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New opportunities are emerging for improved data management,
better patient support and enhanced reimbursement!

Data Management

Treatment Providers that embrace the value of data analytics and harness it strategically by using effective clinical data management will be positioned to survive and thrive in the new healthcare model.

Patient Support

Providers who implement patient and family engagement can offer higher quality care and help patients achieve better health outcomes.

Enhanced Reimbursement

Benefits may include: population management and proactive patient reminders; improved reimbursement from payers due to EHR usage, and perfectly compliant charts when requested.

Who wants a complicated EHR that isn’t user friendly?

ZenCharts so easy to use. It's simple, clean and intuitive. You'll get the hang of ZenCharts in no time. You'll fall in love with it just as fast.

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We are more secure than a safe.
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We Believe in Cloud Security

  • Every customer's data is isolated in a dedicated server. All stored data is on RAID disks, which means we could lose any disk and not lose the data.

    Real-time protection against attacks from DOS applications, detection and filtering of worms and viruses in network activity, detection of spyware, adware and malware

    We understand how important all data is as it relates to program goals, effectiveness, and insurance reimbursement. For that reason, our development team continues to stay on top of the latest security trends to ensure the privacy of your data, along with those that you serve.