Your cloud-based EHR software solution

New opportunities are emerging for improved data management, better patient support, enhanced reimbursement!

ZenCharts™ is built to go beyond standard data collection. Our intelligence has deep analytical capabilities that enable better decision-making and improved outcomes.

ZenCharts™ will optimize workflow efficiencies by using automation and intelligent notifications via a world class-user interface and a robust set of proprietary features.

ZenCharts™ delivers the perfect chart every time.
It's no secret that proper documentation is the key to reimbursement.

ZenCharts™ is The Most Intelligent EHR
The Addiction Treatment Industry Has Ever Seen.

Forms are Forms, and Every System Has Them.
It's What The System Does With The Data That Matters!
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Certified e-Prescribing
  • Treatment Plan and Goal Tracking
  • Vital Sign Chart with Alerts
  • Customized Lab Integration
  • Speedy Consent Wizard
  • Secure Two Factor Authentication
  • Integrated MORS / MARS
  • Custom Reporting with Additional Outcome Based ability
  • Customizable User Permissions
  • Scalable from 10 to 1000 Users
  • Cloud Based on Demand
All Features

ZenCharts™ is customized...
yet affordable.

Zencharts delivers volume-based UP-FRONT PRICING so you and your staff can determine exactly what you need , when you need it, and as your facility grows.

Other vendors try to discover the highest costs your programs will bear and then present you with a fixed set of prices that usually outweigh your actual needs.

Rates start at $75 per user / per month and
decrease as your users increase!

promises the most responsive & customized
pricing model in the industry

Amount Per User
Set-up and Training
Training spread over several days.

Intensive and individual training on ZenCharts software.

First 10 Users
11th-35th Users
36th User and beyond

  • No Hidden Charges. Seriously!
  • Unlimited Software Updates.
  • Safe, Secure Charts and Data
  • Chart Auditing Services Available
Trusted by Clinicians at Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Centers Across the Country

Dedicated Development




Individual VPS Server for each center



Cisco ASA

  • What clients are saying
    Steve Sachs, CAC Program Director at Solutions Recovery Center

    "ZenCharts has saved our staff a great deal of time with paperwork. Because of this, they can spend more time doing what they are best at, helping our guests."

  • What clients are saying
    Dr. Lindsay Howard, PsyD Clinical Director at Inspirations Recovery Center

    "Many of the ZenCharts' EHR features will be used as a key tool to improve positive outcomes for our clients going forward."

  • What clients are saying
    Thomas Sibilia Executive Director at Banyan Recovery Institute

    Zen Charts really streamlined our admission process, and workflow in general. Less time working on charts means more time working with clients.